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The Van Abbe Vitrine - curatorial

One of the great perks of my artist residency @ Piet Hein Eek gallery in Eindhoven, was the collaboration with the Van Abbemuseum. The Van Abbe Vitrine is an offsite museum space situated inside the large gallery at PIET HEIN EEK. Here, gallery artists are commissioned to curate a selection of works from the museum’s […]


Title: OLD HABITS DIE HARD III (I wish it to be visibly invisible, there but not quite, always present but only for the ones who look for it and for the ones who can´t hide it.) Medium: translucent “sandblast” vinyl decal on gallery window (lettering appropriation from historical 20th century photograph) Size: aprox. 2 x 2 […]


THE BRACERO ART PROJECT is a multidisciplinary approach for creating a new dialogue about Californian and American history through the generational experience of farm labor migrants and how their struggles have created opportunities for them and their families. Notwithstanding the pain and loss, but focusing on sacrifice and hard work as a means of liberation and […]

TIJUANA VIRUS / Colaboración con MOISES HORTA (audio)

VIDEO: animación generada con esculturas digitales ensambladas con modelos de monumentos locales tijuanenses apropiados de GoogleEarth /animation of digital sculptures assembled with models of local Tijuana landmarks  appropriated from GoogleEarth  AUDIO: Colaboración de MOISES HORTA (Ruidosón / Los Macuanos / DJ Nombre Apellido / HEXORCISMOS) AUDIO DIGITAL A SUBWOOFER PREAMPLIFICADO DE 700Watts CON UN CONO DE 15″ / […]


GHOST MAGNET ROACH MOTEL / colectivo de arte multidisciplinario / PUNKFORMANCE Proyecto en colaboración con Shinpei Takeda, Julio Orozco, Tony Cozano y Brian Sueda El caso específico de GHOST MAGNET ROACH MOTEL (, produzco y colaboro como una especie de escultor sonoro-visual, genero las condiciones de espacio y materialidad para que los “punk-formances” que hacemos […]

NEWSWEEK: The worlds most creative cities / Tijuana: HYBRID HAPPENING

NEWSWEEK MAGAZINE / Sep 1, 2002 The World’s New Culture Meccas / TIJUANA: HYBRID HAPPENING …”No one is going to shut me up here,” says 25-yearold Daniel Ruanova, an abstract painter who has American citizenship but prefers to spend his time in the “Wild West” of his hometown. Like Ruanova’s paintings, which draw on videogame imagery, much of Tijuana’s […]