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Himno a la Valentía Virtual

Mash-up de clips de sonido de películas y videojuegos. Colaboración con Jorge Villanueva, percusionista. Hecho para GAME OVER / Daniel Ruanova 2003 Sound mash-up of video-game and movie sound clips. Collaboration with Jorge Villanueva, percussionist. Made for GAME OVER / Daniel Ruanova 2003

NEWSWEEK: The worlds most creative cities / Tijuana: HYBRID HAPPENING

NEWSWEEK MAGAZINE / Sep 1, 2002 The World’s New Culture Meccas / TIJUANA: HYBRID HAPPENING …”No one is going to shut me up here,” says 25-yearold Daniel Ruanova, an abstract painter who has American citizenship but prefers to spend his time in the “Wild West” of his hometown. Like Ruanova’s paintings, which draw on videogame imagery, much of Tijuana’s […]

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