Daniel Ruanova

The Fuck Off Project / Translocating Borders by Daniel Ruanova @ PIET HEIN EEK Galerie

I am a visual artist from the borderlands of Tijuana (México-USA). My art practice moves through layers of aesthetics – politics – dark humor and transcultural mutations; every so often, the human tragedy creates forms that must be engaged with as new-language.

Now, specially in Europe (but always present in “las Américas”), these forms are taking place in a constant flow of cultural transformation through the destruction and reconstruction of long held cultural-social-&-economical borders.

While a very sophisticated, plural and civilized culture has been established within the EU, the structures needed for this standard of living have very much depended on the plunder and pillage of long lasting colonization practices in Africa, Asia, the Middle-East and Latin America, with the creation of subservient states that today are finally crumbling. The outpour of these states inhabitants towards “the lands of plenty” in an inevitable outcome of a long held status of wealth and privilege, this is unbalanced.

The consequent creation of security driven systems to rid the initial fear and create a constant paranoia state-industry towards the new others is the real sign of our humanities tolerance and will to change. These are the ideas behind THE FUCK OFF PROJECT. An onsite sculptural installation that creates a metaphor of security-insecurity.


Construction process for The Fuck Off Project, centerpiece of Daniel Ruanova´s Translocating Borders @ PIET HEIN EEK Gallery, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 2017.

Timelaps from 20/March to 11/April, 2017.

Artist: Daniel Ruanova

Curators: Piet Hein Eek & Pim Hoff

Production Assistants: Anderson Araujo & Salvis Slavišens

Video by Anderson Araujo (@andyzeo)