Daniel Ruanova

The Van Abbe Vitrine - curatorial

One of the great perks of my artist residency @ Piet Hein Eek gallery in Eindhoven, was the collaboration with the Van Abbemuseum. The Van Abbe Vitrine is an offsite museum space situated inside the large gallery at PIET HEIN EEK. Here, gallery artists are commissioned to curate a selection of works from the museum’s collection. In this case, I engaged the project as a future video art explorer. Searching for the works of the original video-artists-iconoclasts from the empire. Creating a viewing space for these eleven pieces that helped provoke the current motivations of communications through video messages. It is an honor to chose, from such a prestigious institution, ideas and work from artists that I have learned so much from.

►Lawrence Weiner´s AFFECTED AND/OR EFFECTED / 1974 / 22 min.
►Bruce Nauman´s Violin Film # 1 (Playing The Violin As Fast As I Can) / 1967-1968 / 11 min.
►John Baldessari’s Art Disaster / 1971 / 32:40 min.
►John Baldessari´s Four Minutes of Trying to Tune Two Glasses / 1976 / 4:09 min.
►Paul McCarthy´s Black and White Tapes / 1970-1975 / 32:50 min.
►Paul McCarthy & Mike Kelley´s Cultural Soup / 1987 / 6:55 min.
►Mike Kelley´s Beholden to Victory / 1980-1983 / 26 min.
►Mike Kelley´s BLIND COUNTRY / 1989 /19:57 min.
►Martha Rosler´s A Budding Gourmet / 1974 / 16:58 min.
►Martha Rosler’s Semiotics of the Kitchen / 1975 / 6:09 min.
►Martha Rosler´s Martha Rosler Reads Vogue / 1982 / 28 min.
technical assistance from Anderson Araujo Ferreira